Manna Mills

Our Manna Mills 8-grain and 5-grain cereals are 100% USDA Organic and our apple & raisin grainola is made with 100% USDA grains and all-natural raisins, apple bits, and cinnamon. Each product is full of whole grains and organic ingredients that make the most satisfying hot cereals for your breakfast table. The brand name “Manna” meaning “from heaven,” was chosen to describe the transcendent flavor and nutritional value of the grains that go into our products.

Our 100% organic grains help support digestive health and wellness by providing the fiber your body needs to get going and keep moving throughout the day. Furthermore, the organic farming practices of our mill partners support a healthy environment.

Manna Mills 100% Organic Products:

100% Organic Flax Seed

100% Organic Hot 5-Grain Cereal with flax seed

100% Organic 8-Grain Hot Cereal with flax seed

Manna Mills Apple & Raisin Grainola Hot Cereal and Wheat Germ:

Apple & Raisin Grainola Hot Cereal with flax seed (made with 100% USDA Organic Grains)

Untoasted Wheat Germ

Explore our Manna Mills product offerings in our online store and in the hot cereal section of local grocers and specialty health food stores near you. Find out where you can buy retail Manna Mills products in your state by visiting our where to buy page.

Bag N’ Box and Wholesale Products

We offer high quality, all-natural and organic products in 10-pound and 8-pound bags in boxes. These packaging options are excellent for stocking your personal pantry.

We also are happy to offer wholesale packaging options and pricing for grocery stores, food service and manufacturing. Contact H&L Brands to make a wholesale order.