Stone Ground Mills LLC

The Stone Ground Mills Brand mixes the finest all-natural, whole grain foods available to offer a variety of cereal products including our delicious Hot Apple Granola, 4-Grain Cereal Mates, and 7-Grain Hot Cereal. Every product we make is packed with fiber and nutrients to help you sustain energy throughout the day.

Different Brand Name, Same Great Products

Stone Ground Mills original hot cereal mixes began in the 1930’s under the name Stone-Buhr*. In 1995, a new parent company, SGM Cereals, was formed and the Stone-Buhr brand name was changed to Stone Ground Mills. H&L Brands purchased SGM Cereals (Manna Mills Brand & Stone Ground Mills Brand) in 2017, and is committed to carrying on the excellence, variety, and wholesome goodness of our cereals.

We use only top-quality whole grains in our cereal products including steel-cut oats, cracked whole wheat, barley, hulled millet, flax seed, corn meal, wheat bran and rye to name a few! Because of their superb flavor and nutrition, our cereals have been a staple among health-conscious consumers for many years. The original Stone Buhr 7-Grain Cereal has been a customer favorite since the beginning and it is still part of our Stone Ground Mills product line.

Each of our delicious hot cereal products are designed to release energy throughout the day without blood sugar spikes, so they are great for customers watching their caloric intake. Satisfying whole grains and dietary fiber promote a healthy digestive system, helping you feel full for hours.

Our company is committed to providing the most healthful whole-grain breakfast foods available, and we’d love to hear about your experience. Contact H&L Brands to tell us how we can best meet your needs with our Stone Ground Mills brand.

*Discontinuation of the “Stone-Buhr” brand name for hot cereals in no way affects the availability of Stone-Buhr flour products. For information about Stone-Buhr flour products visit their website at