Our Story

H&L Brands was established in 2017 to support the business of healthy eating and healthy living in North America and beyond. The “H” and “L” in our name stand for Heidi Endert and Link Dunigan, the original partners who created H&L Brands. When Heidi and Link became pescatarians in 2017, they discovered the importance of plant-based foods in their diet and the value of their nutrition for body and brain function.

Inspired by this experience and backed by a wealth of knowledge from his work within the food industry, Link decided to build a plant-based foods company with his then fiancé, Heidi and future mother-in-law, Linda Lane. What resulted was H&L Brands, a majority woman-owned company working to cultivate a collection of whole food and plant-based food brands. These brands offer delicious, healthy eating options for people looking for food to support their healthy living lifestyle.

Focused on Self-Care and Healthy Habits

A large part of living a life devoted to healthy living is self-care and feeding your body healthy foods. H&L Brands was created to support that healthy living lifestyle at every age. Whether you are a long-time customer since our days as Stone Buhr cereals, or a new customer of H&L Brands, we want to provide the all-natural and organic, plant-based products to fuel a healthier, happier you.

Plant-based foods and plant protein are staples every healthy eater should have in their diet because they reduce inflammation, streamline digestion and give you the energy to live your life to the fullest. Our quality food brands are a source for healthy eaters everywhere to find food that is good for you, tastes great, and provides the power to do what you love.

In the Business of Work-Life Balance

We are all busy people. Whether you are studying to earn a degree, working to build a career, training to hike a mountain range, cooking to feed a growing family, or just looking for something tasty and healthy to start your day, H&L Brands organic and all-natural hot cereals, beans, rice and grains give you the nutrition you need to complete the task ahead.

We source the ingredients for our products from local and western U.S. mills to ensure that your meal not only supports a healthy lifestyle with nutritious ingredients, but also the West Coast agriculture and local companies dedicated to your digestive health. Food is fuel, and we are in the business of fueling you for a great day, no matter where it takes you.